• ACM
  • ASHRAE (Full Member)
  • IEEE (Senior Member)
  • Mensa
  • Microsoft Azure Advisors Program
  • Microsoft Azure MVP (2018)
  • Microsoft ALM | DevOps Range
  • Microsoft P-CSA (Partner Cloud Solution Architect)
  • NESA (Lifetime Member)

Azure & DevOps Practice Lead
Wintellect (2017-Present)

  • Enable companies to better leverage their people, proccesses, and technology. This includes utilizing Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and other ALM tools to create a complete end-to-end DevOps pipeline.
  • Guide companies in successfully implementing cloud strategies using Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

Executive Vice President
ecoInsight & mySupplier (2016-2017)

  • Coordinated sales, services, operations, and marketing activities for both companies across six global locations (Bangalore, Brazil, Atlanta, Miami, Columbia, Honduras) and implemented process-focused, metrics-driven analysis to increase productivity and accountability
  • Reduced IT budget by more than 60% by re-architecting systems, eliminating redundancies, and migrating key components to the cloud
  • Implemented quality control program for lighting fixtures to avoid tens of thousands of dollars in potential expenses each year; authored marketing and sales campaigns that promoted this program as a competitive advantage
  • Architected services and mentored development team in understanding cloud concepts and technologies
  • Projects utilizing C#, ASP.NET Core, EF Core, Docker, LINQ, NGINX, Azure Cloud Platform, SQL Azure v12

Vice President, Technology
ecoInsight (2009-2016)

  • Co-founded company, developed initial business plan, and engineered software application for lighting retrofit analysis and business plan generation
  • Assisted and directed operations leading to opening a branch office in Bangalore, India
  • Crafted investor pitches and presentations to pursue funding opportunities
  • Authored article for Microsoft MSDN team on cloud scaling of PHP applications
  • Invited to serve in Microsoft Azure Advisors to provide feedback on Azure platforms
  • Negotiated with Microsoft partner programs (BizSpark, BizSpark Plus, Partner Program) to receive $60K/year funding for Azure projects and an estimated nearly $1M of software licenses to start development operations
  • Architected and developed multiple applications to support target customers
    • ASP.NET MVC 5 and HTML5/jQuery/SCSS based analytics application
    • ASP.NET OData services (WCF-DS and OData 4 Web API) that utilized Entity Framework and LINQ with SQL Server and SQL Azure storage, deployed as a customized Azure Web Role and exposed as JSON and XML REST services compliant with OData 2 – 4 protocol standard
    • PHP based metrics systems that utilized Azure Service Bus queues, later migrated to Azure Web Site and App Services infrastructure
    • Developed WCF-based distributed cloud file storage and retrieval servers that utilized Azure CDN and Azure Blob Storage
    • Integrated internal and external server applications to cloud based components, including customized Joomla system for ad management
    • Advised and corrected code for iPad client application using Objective-C and Core Data to access remote, OData based systems.
  • Manage and maintain internal development network using ESX and virtual machines to support development operations and reduce costs

Senior Software Architect
SAP/Visiprise (1997-2009)

  • Developed Java based (J2EE/JSP) application for managing shop floor solutions, deployable on Weblogic, Glassfish, and SAP Netweaver and utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the frontend against Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server databases
  • Engaged with customers to create customized deployment solutions and integrations that required experience with multiple operating systems, programming tools, and technologies
  • Developed and maintained shop-floor scheduling optimization application used by the medical industry to optimize production and reduce process costs by 20% or more using Eclipse, J2EE (Weblogic), and Oracle
  • Managed a team of 6 Russian and Ukranian Java developers to support globalization and internationalization requirements for 7 principal languages and 7 additional regions/languages
  • Responsible for architecting and implementing key technical aspects needed to enable acquisition by SAP: globalization, security, accessibility
  • Architected globalization platform used by SAP for globalizing Java-based acquisitions and advised technical experts responsible for the XLIFF localization file format standard
  • Advised senior management team on security risks and implemented process changes to identify and eliminate security defects.
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